Eliza Mustafa-Zadeh - first Singer who performed vokal compositions in Jazz-Mugam style. She began her career as a soloist of Georgian Philharmonie, then worked at the Azerbaijan Philarmonic, performed with "Sevil" ensemble for several years and "Mugam" jazz ensemble.

Eliza received her education as a classical singer of "Bel Canto" (and Actress as well) in Academie of Art Shota Rustaveli. Having great voice of ränge of 3 octaves, she was capable of dealing with the most complex melodies and rhythms.

The singer has made several successful tours in ex Soviet Union and Poland with her husband Vagif.

Vagif's tragic death was a shoking blow to the Family. Eliza gave up her own career and dedicate herself to Aziza, helping nurture her daughter's obvious gifts. "We promissed each other that we will dedicate ourselves to Vagif's Life and Music. It is our Mission to continue his work."

In Tbilisi, 1968

With Aziza, 1972

With Baby Aziza, 1971

Eliza, Aziza, Malxaz (1955-1989) - Eliza's Brother, 1973

With Grandmother Alexandra von Mikeladze, 1971

Baku, Concert in Memory of Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh, 1980